Our Method

We offer a warm and welcoming approach to the yoga practice, and a fun and empowering take on teaching precise physical alignment. All of our teachers have been trained in anatomy and biomechanics and can safely and effectively guide you toward your body’s optimal alignment to make powerful changes to your physical and holistic well-being.  Our method of yoga is an exceptionally therapeutic, sophisticated and athletic practice that cultivates confidence, empowerment and joy.

Class Descriptions:

Classes are designed to condition and tone by combining an alignment-based yoga flow with 2- or 3-pound weights.  This fun flow will boost your metabolism, challenge your body and leave you smiling.  Weights are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. If you are new to yoga with weights – or even yoga in general – don’t worry!  Class is open level, so anyone can participate.  Expect to sweat, this one's a blast!

Balanced Yoga with


In beginner classes you will be introduced to and guided through a wide range of yoga poses designed to strengthen and open the large muscle groups.  Plenty of alignment and breathing instructions will be offered as you build awareness of the body and explore the use of props to assist your practice.  The theme of each class will help you take your yoga off the mat and apply it to your everyday life.  These classes are recommended for students new to yoga, new to this style, or looking to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of yoga.


Mixed Level


In these classes, students are introduced to a broader range of yoga poses at a faster pace than the beginner classes, delving deeper into more detailed alignment and understanding of how the body works.  You will expand your physical ability and knowledge of the principles of alignment.  This class is a stepping stone to all intermediate classes.



These classes are for students who have been practicing yoga consistently for at least six months and wish to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and alignment.  You will explore more challenging asana (poses) and further refine your alignment and endurance.  We regularly work on handstands and backbends.  Check with your teacher if you’re unsure about coming to these classes.

Restorative Yoga


This class is very different from your more active yoga classes in that it’s all rest and relaxation.  Unlike your more active yoga classes, restorative yoga is a slower, gentler way to practice asana (yoga poses) with the help of props to hold you comfortably in the poses for longer, more restful periods of time.  This gives your muscles and bones an opportunity to relax in alignment, which calms your nervous system and allows for deep healing to occur.  You will begin by warming up gently, moving with the breath, then you’ll rest into the same familiar biomechanical alignment you already know and love, with the help of a few props so that you can relax there.  Guaranteed to leave you feeling nourished, rested and refreshed.  Classes will conclude with deep relaxation.  Such a treat!

Stretch and Breathe

When you let go of your muscles, they let go of you....

Our focus in this experiential class will be to open, soften and release tightness in the muscles and soreness in the joints. We will explore deep stretching techniques safely and gently, accompanied by utilization of simple, effective breathing modalities. All levels welcome.

Which class should I try?

If you’re new to yoga, try a Beginner class.  If you’ve done yoga before but you’re new to this particular style, try a Beginner or Mixed Level class.  If you’re absolutely terrified, give us a call and we can suggest something specifically for you.  From there, you can talk to your teacher to see how comfortable you might feel in a higher level class.  We encourage you to try any classes and teachers that fit into your schedule and ability level and see what moves you.