Private Sessions

Private sessions are a great way to customize your yoga practice specifically for your body, your situation and your goals. Students new to yoga can benefit from personalized attention and detailed instruction with plenty of time for questions. Students working with specific conditions or injuries can learn how to use body alignment and biomechanical adjustments to strengthen and therapeutically align their bodies for optimal circulation, nourishment and healing to occur. More advanced students can deepen their practice to work toward opening more constricted parts of the body or practice more challenging poses at a pace appropriate for their own ability and experience.

Private yoga sessions are great for anyone who would like to:

  • Work within the comfort of your own space and your own schedule
  • Receive personalized guided attention designed specifically for you
  • Relieve symptoms of chronic illness and pain
  • Heal a specific injury through hands on adjustments and optimal body alignment
  • Give your body a physical challenge
  • Work on a specific pose or goal
  • Manage and reduce stress
  • Increase strength, balance and flexibility
  • Naturally increase and balance the flow of energy through your body
  • Encourage restful sleep
  • Just enjoy a treat as you do something wonderful for yourself

Private sessions will transform your practice, tone and nourish your body and brighten your heart!

Yoga Parties / Private Group Sessions / Semi-Private Yoga Sessions


Gather a group of friends or family together to share this special time and receive all the benefits of a yoga class with more personalized attention (and plenty of opportunity for requests!) in the comfort of your own space and schedule.