Bright Hearts

I love it! I have tried yoga in the past and never got out of it what I have gotten from Bright Heart Yoga in this short time. If I could go every day I would! Thank you for making it so fun and comfortable to learn.
— Maria, Middle School Teacher
Thank you so much for helping me out on a handstand today!! I felt a big accomplishment with lots of joy (does it make sense?) I tell all my friends about Bright Heart Yoga, I really love it there. You are a great person and a great yoga teacher. Every year in summer I go to Turkey and visit my family for 26 years and this summer is the first that I am spending my July and August here and I love it because I come to your studio and do yoga daily. You put a smile on my face every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Gamze, Preschool Director