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Yoga 201: More Than Just Poses

With Kessiah Carlbon

Have you ever been stumped by the question, What does yoga do for you?  Maybe you’re flooded with a rush of different ideas you can’t quite describe. Understandable! There’s a lot to it and sometimes it’s hard to verbalize on the spot. Let’s dig into that!

Most of us get into yoga through the poses, and after a while we begin to learn how much more is connected to moving our bodies.

First Module: Alignment, Anatomy, and Physiology

Wait, you mean you can calm my anxiety just by how I move my body?  From joint pain, muscle tension, old injuries, all the way to anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, the way we move and use our bodies can be an amazing tool for feeling more vibrant and alive.

Second Module: History, Philosophy, and Mythology

Whoa, who knew this same stuff was going on way back when!  Explore a couple of different philosophical viewpoints that might help you understand the world and your place in it in a new light. Get mesmerized by ancient stories of poignant and sometimes humorously relatable struggles that we can all see mirrored in our own modern lives today.

Third Module: Ayurveda and Subtle Body Practices: Pranayama and Meditation

Its not a one-size-fits-all practice.  Learn the subtleties of what makes you tick, how to decode your own personal constitution, and how to customize what you know into powerful habits that form a beautiful, effective personal practice.

Three long weekends. Cumulative material. Immeasurable shifts await you.


April 27, 29, 30  
May 18, 20, 21
June 15, 17, 18


Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm
Saturdays & Sundays 1:00-6:00 pm


Earlybird: $625 in full by April 14th  
Regular: $675 in full by April 21st
Payment Plan: $350 by April 21st plus $200 by May 11th plus $200 by June 8th 

*Content covered in the Yoga 201 is the same content as Immersion Part One. Upon completion of the Yoga 201, interested participants will be eligible to participate in the next round of Immersion Part Two.

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